Applications of Doypack Bags

As you know that the Doypack has many names, Doypack, doypack bags, stand up pouch, standing pouch, etc. They all lead to the same, doypack. And if you already read the other writing, you knew why the doypack bags are so popular and most common. Now we look up the application of them.

application of doypack

There are only three faces of doypack, the front, the back, the bottom. Then what can we see in the market?

The general type of doypack bags:

Generally the doypack bags are for food packaging. Many foods you can find are packed, or can be packed in the doypack bags. For example: candy, snacks, sugars, small quantity of rice, coffee power and coffee beans, etc.

Why there are so many things even just in a general type of Doypack? Well, of course, general is general. General doypack bags mean no liquid packing, no shaped and no accessory. Because they are in close technique, no special structure or material. It means the doypack for coffee look really different from the pack for candy, but they are actually different in layers. Such as the coffee stand up pouches require anti UV and high barrier, then we add an aluminum foil or MPET to meet them. So you can see the metallization, they are still the general standing pouches.

application of doypack bag

However there is argument in the definition of general stand up pouch: should the zipper doypack be one of the general type? You see the zipper is kind of the standard configuration. Besides, even a pouch with or without zipper will have no big effects to the contents. However the zipper doypack help a lot for the end user on re-using the pouch. It is a good thing.

The retortable pouch: The reason why the retort pouch become an individual line is retort pouch requires many different techniques. Like the structure, all material must meet the high temperature, 121°C. Well, the surface layer might be able to save from high temperature resistance type. And with the production technique, every step is difference from the others. They are more complicated, more expensive, and costing more time.

Here is one thing worth for a word. Usually the retort pouch needs a retortable aluminum layer if it requires high barrier performance. Aluminum layer has performances of excellent UV proof and the unique matte metal finish. However, customer cannot see what are they buying in the pouch. Well, don’t worry, now we have AloxPET. Transparent and high barrier make the AloxPET become an amazing innovation for not just the retort stand up pouch, it can be on any type of pouches.

Standing pouch for liquid: Using the doypack pack for liquid is a challenge. But it worked!  Stand up liquid pouch raises the doypack to a new height. Thanks to the good sealing property, low prices, safety and good expansion, doypack bags for liquid now are well known as normal type and with spout. Stand up pouch with spout brings much more convention to us. Except the spouted pouch, it can be with the butterfly valve, then you get a wine barrel!

LD PACKAGING CO., LTD has been sparing no effort to produce and develop high quality and competitive stand-up pouches and derivative doypack bags.