Do You Know the Doypack Bags?

A Doypack is a sealed plastic bag that is designed to stand upright. Doypacks are commonly used for powders or ready-to-drink beverages. They can be aseptically filled or filled on normal packaging lines.

green and heatthy baby food pouch bag

Doypack is a sachet with a bottom fold and a particular outlay of stiening welds which create a modern and universal packaging. Its main advantages are: displaying the product in an upright position, a large surface for printing, a possibility of welding in a string closing or a topper, a price lower than that of alternative packaging systems. These flexible packagings are used for both manual and automated packaging of foodstuff (i.e. coffee, tea, spices, dried fruit, nuts, juice, mayonnaise, candy, etc.), seeds, chemicals, tobacco, etc. Doypack sachets are available in a variety of sizes, with or without a string closing, a topper, made out of materials of different colours, thickness and structure.

Advantages of the Doypack bags

Offering a package that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and convenient is the hallmark of the Doypack. It functions as a barrier between the product and its environment as every packaging type does, but the Doy bag is also made from slightly more rigid materials that allow it to stand on its own, making it easier to store and simple to use in a consumer's everyday life. The aesthetics of the DOYPACK are one of its most noticeable attributes; it is a striking bag design that captures consumer attention and provides a great canvas for conveying a brand's message. The convenience of the stand up bag is almost unbeatable; it can stand unassisted, is portable and lightweight, and often contains resealable options like zippers.


Trends in Packaging Applications for the Doypack

These days, a consumer can find almost anything in a DOY BAG. Over the past year, we've noticed some trends in stand-up pouch packaging:


Nuts, candy, and snack packaging. For today's on-the-go consumer, snacks need to be packaged in right-sized containers that are light and easily portable but can also be resealed and enjoyed at a later time. The Doypack fulfills the above requirements while at the same time providing a superior barrier against spoilage, even after the package is opened and resealed. Plus, in a heavily competitive market, snack packaging that stands out catches the eye (and the wallet) of a harried consumer.

bag with flat bottom

Liquids packaging. Products like soups and sauces have in the past been packaged in rigid containers like glass bottles and metal cans. However, rigid packaging formats are more difficult and expensive to ship and store, plus broken glass and sharp metal edges pose safety hazards. Modern stand-up pouches are generally safe and contain fitments like pour spouts that make dispensing liquid products much easier than flexible packaging solutions of the past.