Flexible pouch make sport goes easier: Body Building

 First of all, you need to know why people want a fit body, not just for healthy life, but also for the contour of body.

We know that fitness is the purpose of most people, particularly someone who has faith in their figure. They want to lose the subcutaneous fat, build more muscles and shape them. Do not misunderstand that muscles make lady a macho queen. The key of body building and fitness is your willpower, what you do make who you are.

Muscles are the other side of fat. As we grew older, the hormone decreasing cause the speed of anabolism becoming lower than catabolism. The muscles are easier to run off then the fat will take muscles’ position.

That’s why people need nutrition tonics to help with bodybuilding. Usually we see people buy a big bottle powder of whey protein, creatine, BCAA L-Glutamine and etc. Now more and more people know that the importance of fitness and the consuming of all these nutrition tonics.

What about using pouch instead of bottle?

A good stand up pouch supplier / manufacturer will tell you than stand up pouches, SQ4 and flat bottom pouches are qualified for the powder storing. Particularly for flat bottom pouch. Even there is few powder remain in the pouch, it can stand perfectly. With the high barrier layer like aluminum film or metalized film, it can keep the moisture and oxygen away and make the pouch looks tough and solid.

In LD PACK, your flat bottom pouches of powder supplements will not only save the cost of bottle but also for the customers. And it is no need to be worried about post-opening, because we have specific zipper for powders. That’s why we are qualified. We can do it for you.