How to Identify a Good Zipper Pouch?

Finally, it is the last episode in the “How to purchase the qualified zipper pouch?” series articles. However, always last but not least, you’ll learn the reasons why it is still a very important to complete reading this for purchasing the qualified zipper pouches.

Now you already know the basic principles of searching online. Hope you still remember the “zipper pouch” is more than “pouches with zipper”. You also know that flexible packaging suppliers is different from the packaging pouches manufacturers. Knowing that even the packaging pouches manufacturers are also able to provide you a quality service and productivity guarantee. So after we found a zipper pouch manufacturer that will provide the zipper pouch we need, and we are interested in placing an order at the company, what should we do?

There is a very simple and basic requirement, you can see their products, and make both sides happy. You know what, ask the samples. You can see the quality of products what they produced, and your potential suppliers will be very happy to show you if they are real deal. Samples sending is very common in the flexible packaging industry, well, actually it is very common in most of the industry. It is not exclusive in the area.



Is there anything you should do when you receive the samples? Yes, there is one thing you should really make your move right after you receive the package(s). Check out the sending address, the shipper information. You should compare the shipper to the contact information of their website, if the addresses are different, it is probably not a packaging pouches manufacturer. If you don’t mind, skip this part.

With matching two addresses, you’ll easily know it is a manufacturer, what’s more, it proofs the reality of the company you found online. It is a very important detail to you since the company is literally thousands miles away.

Here let us clarify, we have been saying zipper pouch is a pouch with zipper. We have disused it in the first episode. Now we are assuming the following zipper pouch is stand up pouch with PTC zipper. PTC is the normal zipper with full name “Press To Close” zipper. So when you receive the sample pouches, we should at least keep your eyes on the following tasks:

1. Firstly observe the appearance, like the edges, the corners, see the slicing and cutting of them are clean and neat.

2. At the pouch surface, touch and observe the sealing area of the zipper with the pouch front and rear sides. Check whether the sealing area is neat, there shall not be any fold nor wrinkle. See attached picture.

3. Base on the same method, check the inside of the pouch. There shall not be any fold nor wrinkle over here neither. In product filling, the content will stuck in the gap of the wrinkles. End customers must see it and do lower the reputation of the product and its brand, not to mention that the stuck contents may cost the spoilage. After customer open it and re-close the zipper, but the stuck one still out there without protection, then deteriorated, and pollute the product when the customer pour out the content again.

4. Check the zipper tightness. Normal PTC zipper are capable with certain tightness. Blow up the pouch slowly or just wide open the pouch and press to close the zipper quickly. Press the pouch gently and note if there is any air leak. A qualified PTC will not appear air leak itself and be able to withstand a little pressure.

5. So as a stand up pouch, the standing task is necessary. We fill water to about 3/5 high of the pouch. The standing appearance shall be good for the showcase.


good zipper pouch details


To satisfy the above 5 tasks, basically it is a qualified stand up pouch with PTC zipper. Well if you think it is too much thing to concern, why not just leave us a message, we are professional, we are well experienced, we are LD PACK.