How to Make Your Packaging Products More Attractive on the Shelves in the Market?

As we all know, there are too many similar products in the current shopping malls. The difference between various products lies in packaging. How to make the products more prominent? Today we introduce you to use Flat Bottom Pouch. The Flat Bottom Pouch is different from other common ones in that it is very good standing. When other products are laid on the shelves, your products are neatly placed on the shelves, it is the flat bottom pouch which is an exaggeration to drive consumers' desire for consumption.

The flat bottom bag has more than two sides of the ordinary standing bag, the same position space, more capacity, and more freedom of design.

Foshan Nanhai LD Packaging is the leader in the production of flat bottom pouch in China. It is the first zipper pouch manufacturer in China. It has more than 20 patents on flat bottom pouch, and it is sold are sold to five continents.


flat bottom pouch  bag


Here are the reasons why more and more customer choose flat bottom pouch:


1) There are five printed layouts, front, back, left and right sides and bottom. The bottom is completely different from a traditional stand-up bag. The difference is that the bottom of the flat bottom bag is very flat and without any heat-sealing, showing the text or pattern flat; let the product manufacturer or design division has plenty of room to play and describe the product.


2) The composite flexible packaging material can combine different barrier materials through the water-permeable and oxygen-permeable barrier properties of different materials, and the plastic packaging can protect the product more than the general paper bag.


3) Flat bottom pouch / box bag, standing on the cargo basket, the square is flat, the standing is stable, so the additional packaging materials can be omitted.


4) In order to satisfy the customer's friend-friendliness, the flat bottom pouch can be attached with a re-sealed zipper, a slider zipper, and valve and so on.


With a production line of more than 10 flat bottom pouch, LD Packaging produces up to 1 million bags per day to meet the needs of our customers. If you have a product that needs to be designed or packaged, or to increase the appeal of the product, you can choose LD packaging.


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