BIB is the abbreviation of Bag in Box, a wholly new type of liquid package including soft inner bag make of multi layers, spouts or valves and hard carbon.

LD is an experiencedbag in box suppliers in China which can supply excellent BIB to customers all around the world. And it’s BIB has plenty of advantages.

First of all, it’s safe and reliable. LD’s BIB has features such as sterility, no toxic and no odor. Also, it conform the FDA standard so that it’s safe to package all kind of food grade liquid with such BIB.

Secondly, LD’s BIB is very convenient. For the reason that BIB is foldable and weight not much, the cost of transportation and package is less comparing with the normal package forms. Also, the structure can be changed according to transport ways, distance and transport environment so that the cost will stay at the best level.

Moreover, LD’s BIB is firm and durable. By using special-design structure, the strength and toughness of BIB is good enough to prevent bursting.

Last but not least, for the reason that spouts & valves, size as well as shape are all customizable, applicability of LD’s BIB is very well.