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Pocket Zipper


Pocket zippers are a very efficient and user-friendly form of zipper. The pocket zipper opens on the side of the pouch as opposed to most zippers which open on the top of the pack. This makes filling the pouch much easier as the opening of the pouch is not obstructed by the zipper leading to higher machine run times. They are also very user friendly being completely tamper evident and much easier to open and reclose than other types of zippers. This style of zipper is highly recommended for flat bottom and side gusseted pouches.

  • icon01.pngBeverage
  • icon02.pngBaby Food
  • icon03.pngBig Capacity
  • icon04.pngDairy Product
  • icon05.pngGlass cleanr
  • icon06.pngHigh barrier
  • icon07.pngHousehold chemical
  • icon08.pngLaundry Detergent
  • icon09.pngOil Product
  • icon10.pngRecyclable
  • icon11.pngRetortable
  • icon12.pngRound Corner
  • icon13.pngSauce
  • icon14.pngShaped Pouch
  • icon15.pngUp to 12 colors

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Pocket Zipper
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