PTC Zipper
PTC Zipper
PTC Zipper
PTC Zipper
PTC Zipper
PTC Zipper

PTC Zipper


Press to close zippers ( PTC ) have been the standard zippers for 3 side seal pouches for many years and today they have been refined to give improved functionality across a wide range of applications. Now with two or three rows of interlocking flanges, PTC zippers are likely to remain the default zipper choice for flat 3 side seal pouches.

  • icon01.pngBeverage
  • icon02.pngBaby Food
  • icon03.pngBig Capacity
  • icon04.pngDairy Product
  • icon05.pngGlass cleanr
  • icon06.pngHigh barrier
  • icon07.pngHousehold chemical
  • icon08.pngLaundry Detergent
  • icon09.pngOil Product
  • icon10.pngRecyclable
  • icon11.pngRetortable
  • icon12.pngRound Corner
  • icon13.pngSauce
  • icon14.pngShaped Pouch
  • icon15.pngUp to 12 colors

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PTC Zipper
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