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Slider Zipper


Slider zippers are ideally suited to large pouches such as those used for packing pet food and horticultural products. Pouches that contain product weights of 10 to 20 kilos will typically be opened and re closed many times over the life of the pouch. These robust zippers with their positive zip action are ideal in these types of applications. They are also compatible with a large bag filling machines as the tamper proof membrane in the zipper is kept clear of the filling area allowing high speed filling over a wide range of products. 

  • icon03.pngBig Capacity
  • icon06.pngHigh barrier
  • icon10.pngRecyclable
  • icon12.pngRound Corner
  • icon14.pngShaped Pouch
  • icon15.pngUp to 12 colors

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Slider Zipper
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