What requirements should microwaveable pouch satisfy?

For the reason that the pace of life becomes faster & faster, private time become less and less. Therefore many people don’t have enough time to cook for themselves. However, it’s not healthy to eat at the restaurant frequently. For this reason, the concept of fast-cooked food become more and more popular. At ordinary times, we keep fast-cooked food in the fridge. Then at mealtime, we can just take them out from the fridge, do some easy operation such as heating, adding water or something like that. By doing so we can have a healthy & delicious hot meal without making longtime preparation.


To make it utmost convenient for customers, many fast-cooked food suppliers use retort pouch that can be heated in a microwave oven, we call it a microwaveable pouch. When using, customers can just open the pouch, put it into a microwave oven, heat it for a while, then a hot meal is ready. In fact, recently this way become more and more popular.

However, not all flexible packaging can be heated in a microwave oven. The pouch needs to fit the following requirements.

     1.Heat-resisting. As we all know, most of the flexible packaging is made from plastic. Usually, the plastic cannot stand against high temperature. They might deform, become thinner or separate out some kind of poison after heating. In this case, pouch bag manufacturers use some special material that retorts pouches also using to produce microwaveable pouch --- RCPP. Because of the characteristic of RCPP, The pouch with such material can stand against high temperature up to 121℃ for 30 minutes. Except for plastic material, choice of ink/glue is very important, too. In fact, some ink/glue will separate out some kind of poison after being heated. Therefore it is necessary to find some ink/glue that can bear high-temperature heating.


       2. Metal-free & high barrier. As we all know, it is dangerous to put metal into a microwave oven. However, flexible packaging usually uses aluminum foil or some other metalized material to acquire high-barrier.Such materials contain a different kind of metal. So it is not available to put pouches with this material into a microwave oven. So, how can we make microwaveable & high-barrier coexist? The solution gave by pouch bag manufacturers is ALOXPET/SIOXPET, which means Aluminum oxide PET/ Silicon oxide PET. These materials are a microwaveable & high barrier, which prove safety for microwave heating and long-term shelf life. Being a professional pouch bag manufacturer for more than 25 years, LD is good at producing a different kind of microwaveable pouches. The products have been exported to the US, Australia, Europe countries, etc, and gain a good reputation among different customers.


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