Unique code for every single pouch

With the development of economy, more and more people look forward to lead a better life. Therefore the requirement of high quality flexible packaging products become more and higher. Nowadays, ‘high quality’ does not only aim at the product’s quality itself, but also affected by the after-sales service. In fact, in order to provide products with high quality as well as good after-sales service, more and more suppliers start building some kind of tracking systems to track the process of production, for example, where the raw material comes, when the products being produced, who are responsible for the product, etc. By doing so, when quality problems occur, the customers as well as the supplier itself can easily find out what cause the problem and some other relative information.

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One kind of such tracking systems is based on identification system. In this system, every single product has its own code. By scanning this code, people can find out all the information about this single product from when did this single product is produced to who are in charged of this product. Then by matching this data to the record in the manufacture base, people can easily find out what cause the quality problem, and therefore find out suitable solutions.

That’s to say, we need to prepare a unique code for every single product in the system above. However, that might be difficult for pouch bag manufacturers. As we all know, many flexible packaging are produced by gravure printing. In other word, if we want different code on every single product, we need different cylinders for every of them, too. That means a very huge cylinder cost for customer , and extremely inefficient works for pouch bag manufacturer.

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However, the professional pouch packaging suppliers --- LD gives its own solution. It’s quite easy but very efficient—just install a small printer on the slitting machine or pouch making machine. Then the small printer will print unique code for every single product under the control of computer. Also, the ink is specially-made, so no need to worry about the problem of losing color or solvent residual.

What’s more, according to different customers’ need, the code can include far more information, for example, product direction, product details, or even some games with customer. There is no doubt that this help final customers know the products better and feel much safer, which will improve sales directly or indirectly.

Being a professional pouch bag manufacturer for more than 25 years, LD is good at producing flexible packaging with unique code. Moreover, according to requirements from different customers, LD can put different information on the codes. And such products have been exported to US, Australia, Europe countries, Asia, etc.

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