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Flat Bottom Pouch


Flat bottom pouches are latest thing in the evolution of consumer packaging. Loved by the retailers for their great shelf space utilization and presentation. Also known as Box Pouches they off the optimum filling volumes of any pouch. Apart from displaying well on the supermarket shelf they also sit well in the customers pantry making them extremely user friendly. Fitted with Pocket Zippers they represent the latest state of the art consumer packaging. Globally LD Packaging are one the largest manufacturers of this style of pouch and can supply with a range of fitments such as spouts for beverages and valves for coffee packaging.

  • icon01.pngBeverage
  • icon02.pngBaby Food
  • icon03.pngBig Capacity
  • icon04.pngDairy Product
  • icon05.pngGlass cleanr
  • icon06.pngHigh barrier
  • icon07.pngHousehold chemical
  • icon08.pngLaundry Detergent
  • icon09.pngOil Product
  • icon10.pngRecyclable
  • icon11.pngRetortable
  • icon12.pngRound Corner
  • icon13.pngSauce
  • icon14.pngShaped Pouch
  • icon15.pngUp to 12 colors

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Flat Bottom Pouch
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