What Do Flexible Packaging Suppliers Do?

Let’s talk about the flexible packaging suppliers. What do flexible packaging suppliers do, you may ask. Generally we take packaging suppliers as a few types: Carton (box) packaging, glass packaging and plastic packaging. In plastic packaging, there are rigid and flexible packaging suppliers. Of course in this page you will find flexible most.

Flexible Packaging suppliers are the companies which support you with flexible packaging. They can be factories, distributors or both. If you are looking for reputation and convenience, distributors will give you that. Particularly the local distributors that you are well knowing. If you are looking for competitive price and like to know more, factories will help you more. I bet you want know more but it’s not the key in this page. Keep your eyes on our articles.

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Will then, we get flexible packaging, we get pouches. More specifically, we have doypack (stand up pouch), 3 sides seal pouch, box pouch (flat bottom pouch), BIB (bag in box), etc. Remind again, not the pouch that you use after the check in supermarket, and the lady bag neither.

Why do we explain what is flexible packaging with so many words? Because the existence of it has very few validated. Even though the whole world is using, but people never care what does the packaging name. Most of the time we take it is disposable, even the supermarket bag most of the time would get a chance to be used for twice or couple times. There is no doubt that the flexible packaging suppliers like us, are bending our efforts for the ECO friendly development. Recyclable and compostable packaging solutions are the direction of development of LD PACKAGING CO., LTD. We will talk about it other articles.

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So the flexible packaging has always been around us and being forgotten. And there are a group of suppliers and manufacturers dedicating in silence, strive to make the world better.

What is the difference between flexible packaging and other packaging company? Before all that, we want to say the difference between flexible packaging and rigid packaging is similar to the difference between paper and carton. You know the raw material of flexible and rigid packaging are plastic, more correctly, plastic granules (granular plastics). It is like woods to paper and carton at this stage. The next step is the plastic granules are processed into films (roll stock), or melted into plastic bottle and any rigid plastic utensils. Now it’s like the woods got processed into paper and paper cardboard. That’s why the flexible packaging suppliers like using Square Meters most. It’s just like pixel form into flat, isn’t it?

Just to declare one thing before starting the coming words. Flexible packaging suppliers are very willing to supply roll stock. If you have VFFS or HFFS machines, roll stocks are the best option for you. It will quicker and cheaper. It is not just quicker in purchasing. In some packaging circumstances, roll stock is quicker than pouch in production. So you may already be aware of that the pouches manufacturers produce convert the films (roll stock) into pouches products. After the subsequent process, for example, spout inserting, handling hold attachment, etc, a whole pouch is coming by this procedure. Easy pouch like 3 sides seal pouch, further ones like stand up pouch and BIB, box pouch (flat bottom pouch) more even. One thing worth a particular explaining: the accessories can mix and match together.

Mix and match is very interesting, let’s take LD APCKAGING CO., LTD as an example, LD provides various types of spouts (including some special function spout), external handling, built-in handling, BIB valve, butterfly valve, etc. LD PACK has put plastic spoon in a pouch as the side accessory to the pouch. Isn’t it compared to the can!? It is a wonderful flexible can. So how to mix and match well in flexible packaging? How to make flexible incredible?

details of flexible packaging suppliers

You know flexible packaging suppliers may be also pouches bag manufacturers. And we are truly a pouches manufacturer. We are able to produce pouches according to customers’ requirements. Our products are always customized, and with the mixed accessories, it’s highly customized that can be no one else can even compare.

Let’s start with a common sample. How would you update or improve a doypack if you have one? This is how we do. Firstly we produced a big doypack (stand up pouch), we cut one corner of it, and insert a spout at that position, now we have a big capacity corner spout pouch. So much easier to fill out the liquid. This type of pouch are very common on the market. A lot of washing detergents or liquid hand soap are using big capability corner spout pouch as refill pack or directly replace the rigid pack to decrease the plastic footprints to the environment. In some mind leading country, corner spout pouches were even used for motor oil and antifreeze. The flexible packaging is mature for many liquid except the super strong acidity and strong alkaline content.

Wouldn’t be hard to carry a heavy doypack? Yes. So we make handling on pouches for using friendly. How do we handle the handling? Punching handle holes is easy, attach the external handle is more comfortable while taking. What’s more, the handle position can be on the top, or at the other side of corner. Few of the doypack will make the handle on top, even though it is the best way to take out. However it help very less when you fill out the liquid through the corner spout. So most of big capability corner spout pouch will have the handle at the corner. Things will be much easier, isn’t it? A lot of commons between flexible package and rigid package.

With spout and handle, is there any more we can add up to? Why not! How about a butterfly valve?

There you go. You can have the liquid through the butterfly valve so no heavy pouch to empty but a valve to press. When the liquid volume is low, let’s use the corner spout instead. What for? Just for some liquor that you want to have the every drop of it.

Does box pouch match spout? What about spout with 3 sides seal? Absolutely. Tell us your idea with no hesitation. You and us, bring the new to the market. We are at www.ldpack.com