What’s kind of liquid packaging suitable for your product?

Due to the particularity of liquid practical packaging solutions and the influence of the development of traditional industries, most of the liquid products are now packed in hard containers such as iron barrels, iron cans, aluminum cans, glass bottles, plastic bottle and so on. Most of these rigid containers are resource-based or energy-intensive products. With the improvement of people’s living stand, people and society now note the great importance to the protection of resources, as well as the substantial increase of transportation cost and recycling cost, the disadvantages of hard packaging, become more and more obvious. Green and environment-friendly packaging have become a hot topic in recent years. As the most representative packaging method of green and environment-friendly packaging, the soft packaging is being highly valued by the market and developing rapidly.


After years of research, development, and application, the performance of flexible packaging has been greatly improved. The physical of flexible packing can meet the performance requirement of rigid packaging. Moreover, flexible packaging has more prominent advantages than hard packagings, such as less material consumption, convenient to make use, easy to carry, low transport costs, safety and hygiene, and novel packaging design. As a result, flexible packaging in liquid packaging has a new breakthrough, and its applications are more and more extensive.


LD packaging is pouch packaging suppliers, we have much experience for liquid pouch packaging. Now let us discuss flexible packaging for liquid packaging according to different liquid and different application requirement.

Spout Pouch, known as a stand-up pouch--- baby food, juice & yogurt, etc.

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The Spout Pouch provides an excellent solution for the packaging of liquid products in the drinks and beverage offering optional laminated layers for better barriers against moisture, oxygen, light, and puncturing.

The spout pouch is fully customizable with range of different nozzle designs available to suit the application of your product. To sum up, spout pouch is designed to replace rigid PET or glass bottles packaging.

  • Yogurt/Dairy
  • Baby food
  • Mineral Water & Beverage
  • Wine & Cocktails
  • Sauce

Bottle Pouch-- washing liquid, jam, milk, oil, wine & flavoring, etc.

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Pouches are an innovative packaging concept designed to extend the shelf life of liquid products such as wine, fruit juices, edible oils, and detergents. A liquid is dispensed through a high-performance Vitop® compact tap, which prevents air from entering the packaging during dispensing. The pouch and tap work together to prolong the shelf life before and after the pack is opened.

  • Oil
  • Detergent/washing liquid
  • Wine pouch


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Bag in Box (BIB) In packaging, a bag-in-box or BIB is a type of container for the storage and transportation of liquids. It consists of a strong plastic bag, usually made of several layers of plastics or metalized film, seated inside a corrugated fiberboard box.BIB can be a pack for wine, dairy, detergent, juice, etc.

Larger Capacity Pouch—Washing, personal care, cleaning and sterilizing, food

Flexible packaging and big capacity pouch replace traditional cans or rigid plastic containers which offer flexibility, lower transportation cost, modern and trendy looking. Free shape design is giving an outstanding presentation of your products. The spout can be mended at center or at the corner upon customer friendly.

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