What Makes the SUP Popular?

Stand up pouch, also known as SUP. It is the most popular type of flexible packaging in the world. So what makes the SUP popular? And why stand up pouches manufacturers become the basic type in the flexible packaging industry?

what makes the stand up pouch popular

Let’s start with knowing what stand up pouch is. Stand up pouch, well known as SUP, however in Europe, the hometown of stand up pouch, stand up pouch was named Doypack. Doypack was first known by the public in 1962, invented by Louis Doyen. Doypack came from Doyen Packaging. Since then, the stand up pouch or doypack become the most popular flexible packaging in the world. There is another saying about it: The first pouch that a flexible pouch manufacturer would make, is stand up pouch in 99% changes.

What advantages that stand up pouch have, is easy. Easy to make, easy to have and use, easy to extend. To manufacturers, easy making means low cost for starting. Stand up pouch has three elements, the front, the back and the bottom. These three elements composes a standing room. Observing from the side of the pouch, you’ll see anatomically it is an isosceles triangle. Due to the stability feature of the triangle, the pouch will be standing still perfectly as long as the strength of the legs are satisfying. Well of course, the legs shouldn’t be made too long, comparing to the base (bottom) length, otherwise the pouch will be bent by the gravity.

what makes the flexible packaging popular

There are advantages in actual pouch manufacturing. Under most circumstances, stand up pouch only requires one set of cylinders in printing process. Three elements can be settled in together. Similarly, it happens on pouch making machine. Stand up pouch manufacturers save more cost and time than some other type of pouch.

Easy to have and use means a lot of things to the end users or the customers. The came up of the stand up pouch reduced the cost of purchasing small and medium capacity merchandise. The longer distance, the more it can reduce. Think about it, if you want to taste the candy or fruit or fish, something need to be fresh, how to do so? Look up the history, you’ll find a word named “CAN”. Can is still in our life, it’s just be less common. Can is a great invention. From glass can to metal can. Honestly. stand up pouch (doypack) is a substitute of can, is a hyper version.

You know the disadvantage of can is that it has certain difficulty in use. For example, before the invention of can opener, opening a can is definitely a skill. Even now, the edge of an open can is extremely sharp. The risks are always there. Due to the shape of can, the last drop can only stay inside, but all of this, never happenes on a doypack. Now you know why doypack is popular and why the flexible pouch manufacturers enjoy making it.

Stand up pouches manufacturer like LD PACK, has been manufacturing stand up pouch (doypack) for over 20 years. The use of stand up pouch (doypack) was extended to shaped, retortable, zipper pouch, spouted pouch, valve pouch and with even multiple attachments. Stand up pouch (doypack) is not only for candy now.